DILONLINE Internet Accelerator’s content acceleration platform offers complete support for all major Internet applications including general web browsing (HTTP), secure on-line corporate solutions, banking and shopping (HTTPS), sending email (SMTP) and receiving email (POP3), as well as custom third-party web applications.
By providing integrated support for all major Internet applications, deployment is greatly simplified, as all users can take advantage of the same DILONLINE Internet Zoom Accelerator platform regardless of their application or connectivity mode—LAN, dial-up or wireless.

Unparalleled Data Compression

At the core of the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform is the world’s best on-line, lossless data compression algorithm. Pioneered by leading information theorists, it represents one of the most significant advancements in lossless data compression in the last 20 years.
One of the most notable advantages of DILONLINE Internet Accelerator’s data compression algorithm is its ability to retain, accumulate and capitalize on very small amounts of prior intelligence. By retaining small amounts of intelligence, the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator compression algorithm is able to consistently achieve compression ratios that are far beyond those of any other on-line data compression algorithm available. In an Internet setting, these superior compression ratios translate into dramatic increases in the end-users’ effective bandwidth. Furthermore, these compression ratios result in large reductions in overall bandwidth usage.
The dynamic adaptability of the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator compression algorithm is particularly well suited to dynamic and template-based content such as news, finance, corporate applications and on-line shopping websites where the page contents change regularly but the general format and structure of the page remains consistent. The single-pass, on-line nature of the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator compression technology means that data is streamed across the network without any buffering, making it ideal for high traffic environments.

Full HTTP Support

The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform employs the aforementioned data compression algorithm to dramatically speed up web browsing (HTTP) for dial-up and wireless users. On the text portion of an Internet website, the data compression algorithm is routinely able to reduce bandwidth requirement by 12 to 20 times, and in the case of primarily static web content, the data compression ratio is much greater.
A key HTTP performance measure known as Time-to-Text is the time required for the textual portion of the web document to become viewable. Since non-essential graphical and rich-media content does not usually comprise the essence of the web document being requested, Time-to-Text accurately represents how long the user must wait. With the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator HTTP solution, the Time-to-Text results are dramatically better than the already impressive overall speed increase due to the high text compression ratios of our data compression algorithm and network optimizations. For a standard dial-up modem Internet connection, the Time-to-Text results of the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator HTTP solution are up to 12 times better than those of dial-up alone.

Web-based Email

Accessing email via web browsers over HTTP and HTTPS is one of the most popular on-line activities, as has been demonstrated by the popularity of public web-based email systems such as Hotmail and Yahoo! Mail. Industry-standard web-based interfaces such as Microsoft Exchange (Web Outlook) and Lotus Notes (Domino) enable corporations to deploy universally accessible email solutions.
The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform accelerates all web-based email content, including both incoming and outgoing email, using the world’s leading on-line data compression algorithm. The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform is also able to capitalize on the fact that most web-based email solutions are template based. This results in dramatic performance benefits and a reduction in bandwidth requirements on the order of 15 to 25 times for textual content. Additionally, the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator solution is the only platform available that combines data compression-based technology with existing industry-standard (HTTPS) security to provide fast, secure access to web-based email systems.

Corporate Solutions

Deploying the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform within large- and medium-size corporate intranets can reduce network congestion and internal bandwidth consumption significantly. Reducing the network load allows faster data flow and fewer network maintenance and support problems.
The greatest benefit is often realized when users who are out of the office—perhaps in a remote work location, a hotel room, on the road, or even at home—need to access the web-based corporate systems. The secure nature of the HTTPS solution allows users to access these systems without corporate risk and provides a substantial improvement to efficiency.
The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator solution can also be deployed over Wide Area Networks (WANs), enabling fast, secure communication between geographically distant corporate divisions, branches and facilities.

Full Email Support

The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator solution’s state-of-the-art data compression algorithm also provides significant performance gains in sending and receiving email. With full support for the POP3 and SMTP protocols, the DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform applies its unique data compression, content and network optimizations to send and receive email messages and attachments on dial-up, wireless and LAN environments with reduced network load and increased speed.
The email acceleration solution has been integrated transparently, eliminating the need to address any settings or configuration issues prior to using the solution.
DILONLINE Internet Accelerator’s email solution is compatible with all email client applications including XGEN, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape Messenger, Hotmail, and QUALCOMM Eudora.

Secure Transaction Acceleration

The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform is one of a few web acceleration solutions to apply data compression techniques to accelerate secure e-commerce transactions (HTTPS). End-users can use their existing popular Internet browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer to experience accelerated secure transactions—including corporate applications, on-line banking, shopping and secure web-based email—over dial-up, wireless or LAN connections. The bandwidth savings and performance increases for HTTPS will be analogous to those of HTTP.
The DILONLINE Internet Accelerator platform can also enhance performance over secure, web-based corporate systems. Among other things, this can provide a fast and secure platform for accessing computer files while away from the office.

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